School Workshop | Irresistible Sculpted Environments

School Workshop | Irresistible Sculpted Environments

Tue 22 Nov – Wed 14 Dec

Using playful everyday materials students will create a small-scale model inspired by When Happiness Ruled by Pip & Pop. Learning new skills in construction, design and storytelling, students will work with Pip & Pop assistant, artist and flower enthusiast Alina Tang to create brightly coloured ephemeral sculptures.

This workshop will develop capabilities in: sculpture and installation – using manufactured objects and handcrafted items, storytelling, creative thinking, process and design development, recycling and repurposing.

Education Links include: The Arts – Visual Arts; English – Literature; Building & Construction; Humanities & Social Sciences – Geography; Materials, Design & Technology.

NB: Materials are supplied but please feel free to bring small toys to include in your art piece

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