11 September - 24 October 2010


Sekilala | 11 September - 24 October

Yuka and Kentaro Shimura are SHIMURABROS., a sister and brother duo based in Yokohama, Japan. They are interested in the history of the motion picture from the Lumiere Brothers to Buster Keaton and its evolution into the twenty-first century. They are driven by a desire to extend film beyond its two-dimensional limitations by employing increasingly advanced 3D technology and virtual reality programming. Sekilala (2006-2008) is a three-screen immersive installation. A family drama in which the father is obsessed with bio-furniture erratically unfolds in multiple fractured sequences. The three videos are each randomly configured, such that the same story is never experienced twice, and the viewer becomes the editor of an infinite and complex narrative.

The SHIMURABROS. recently received the Excellence prize for this work at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival 2009. PICA is delighted to show this work for the first time outside Japan and to present this influential pair to an Australian audience.

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