At PICA we recognise that we are situated within the unceded lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We pay our respects and offer our gratitude to Elders past and present, and to those emerging leaders in the community. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the importance of their care and continued connection to culture, community and Country.

Always was, always will be.

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Summer Nights 2013

Summer Nights 2013

10 Seasons of local, national and international theatre, comedy and dance works presented and curated in partnership with the Blue Room Theatre. Summer Nights is the hand-crafted performance program of FRINGE WORLD 2013: a thrilling concoction of new and celebrated work, with up to four back-to-back shows per night at PICA over three weeks.

Minnie and Mona
The Duck House with Jeffery Jay Fowler (WA)
4 – 8 February, 6.30pm
An award-winning fusion of biography and black comedy.

Sweet Child of Mine
Last Tuesday Society (VIC)
4 – 8 February, 7.45pm
A show that provided frank opinions on contemporary performance, the avant garde and Bron’s own artistic past.

Night Train Productions (WA)
4 – 8 February, 9pm
Combining theatre, dance and video, Masks was a haunting erotic mystery that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Fifty Shades of Black
Yorga Waabiny Productions in association with Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company (WA)
11 – 16 February, 6.30 pm (no performance on 15 February)
60 minutes of irreverent character driven theatre with skits and multimedia dealing with identity, family, memory, culture and the Stolen Generation, turning the spotlight on contemporary race issues with hilarious results.

Eternal Rising of the Sun
HotforTheatre (Ireland)
11 – 16 February, 7.45pm (9pm on 15 February)
A dark, moving and tender journey of transformation; a poignant account of redemption and release.

The Wet Weather Ensemble (WA)
11 – 16 February, 9.30pm (no performance on 15 February)
Inspired by the true story of a seven year old Russian boy who was discovered raised as a pet bird by his mother.

A History of Drinking
Mythophobic Productions (WA)
11 – 16 February, 7.30pm (also 9.30pm on 14 & 16 February)
19 – 23 February, 7:30pm (also 9:30pm on 21 – 23 February)
Barside theatre with a twist as audience members choose from a menu of cocktails and inspired and interconnected tales.

With A Bullet: The Album Project
Nat Cursio Co (Aus)
19 – 23 February, 6.30pm
With A Bullet saw a dynamic bunch of choreographers recall the first song to which they ever made up a dance.

Bane 1, 2 & 3
Whitebone Productions (UK)
19 – 23 February, 8pm
Action, comedy music and drama are shaken together in this one-man, one-musician work featuring a live score.

Le Foulard
Lucy Hopkins
19 – 23 February, 9.30pm
Starring a medley of characters, overwhelmed by a love of a show-stopping song and performed using only a scarf.