The Goose Chase
01 - 19 May 2007

The Goose Chase

ThinIce & deckchair theatre | 1 - 19 May

An epic in miniature Under the direction of Matthew Lutton, ThinIce’s major new work is The Goose Chase – a kaleidoscopic one-man show performed by longtime collaborator Eamon Flack. Edward Taylor’s first novel was a raging hit. Now he’s wordless, broke and stuck in transit in the tiny humid country he grew up in. Edward Blunt is a celebrated detective in Jazz-era London whose biggest case is his own identity. Marilyn is the fast-driving theosophist grandmother who mysteriously links them together. Bouncing from Perth to Singapore to London, The Goose Chase is an adventurous wrestle with love, exile and humanity’s dubious first steps into the twenty-first century.

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