The Reckoning Showing
17 - 18 July 2021

The Reckoning Showing

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 July

Join artists Joshua Pether, Helah Milroy and Janine Oxenham at the end of their residency for work in progress showings of their new work, The Reckoning. A decolonisation project that aims to address the intergenerational trauma of Australia’s colonial past, The Reckoning seeks to explore and honour First Nations ways of being and doing.

Morning session (Knowing and Access) | 10 am – 1pm

We begin the day as Three, Three First Nations artists and Three souls on a journey to understand-an understanding (knowing) of where the bodily trauma lies and has existed in ourselves and within our ancestral past The first peeling of this layer will involve an act of silent walking, a meditative moment that exists as a doorway to the wounds beneath.

Afternoon session (Transformation and Recapitulation) | 2pm – 5pm

The individual reckoning has begun and now we must complete the reckoning with the site, itself a place of historical trauma and geography. The knowledge of this moves us through and beyond our own personal trauma to an understanding of our body as a site. We excavate and peel back more layers and in this process we create our own pathways- a new understanding and knowing of who we are (were).

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