Tom Muller
04 December 2008 - 01 February 2009

Tom Muller

Elemental Worlds | 4 Dec 08 - 1 Feb 09

Combining a sense of global scale with a concentration on the minute Tom Mùller’s Elemental Worlds confounds apparently commonsensical categories and disrupts the orderly ways we construct and understand our world. Presenting counter intuitive notions such as ‘man-made nature’, ‘artificial landscapes’ and ‘nostalgic ideas of nature’, Mùller’s work is both highly topical and richly poetic. Through cross-weaving our foundational logics and ideas, he suggestively explores the future of humanity and the earth by seeding questions within the very fabric and building blocks of our worldview. Gentle, even humorous, and yet disturbing, his work anticipates the growing sense of foreboding that has begun to emerge in the public debate of climate change and the environmental sustainability of our current global system.

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