Trio A Workshop
02 - 05 April 2013

Trio A Workshop

Sarah Wookey | 2 - 5 April

Yvonne Rainer (USA) was a key figure of the 1960s minimalist dance movement who defined a new language of physical movement. Trio A (1966) is a well-known dance sequence created by Rainer that favors the pedestrian over the virtuosic, the everyday over the dramatic, and welcomes chance as a creative factor. The piece, performed by dancers and non-dancers alike, comprises a sequence of unpredictable movements that unfold in a continuous motion over 5 minutes, deliberately opposing familiar dance patterns of development and climax.
Trio A will be transmitted as a 4-day intensive workshop by Sara Wookey, a Los Angeles-based dancer, choreographer and certified Trio A teacher. In this workshop, currently touring Australia, Trio A‘s philosophical, physical and historical relevance is examined and experienced through the physical learning of the dance, composition exercises, readings and seminar discussion.
Places for this unique workshop are limited and all interdisciplinary artists, movement practitioners, dancers and non-dancers are strongly encouraged to participate!
All workshop participants also receive a free ticket to the Trio-A Performance Lecture.
Project initiated by Hannah Mathews with thanks to Performa.

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