Resident Artists/
22 August - 11 November 2022
Studio Two


Triskelion is a collective exploring the artists’ shared interest in the paranormal, mysticism, religion and magick, borne of each participant’s lifelong experiences with unexplained and seemingly supernatural phenomena. The artists’ aim will be to manifest contact with ‘the other’ that countless mystics, magicians and artists throughout history have encountered, (whether this be agents of the spirit world, the drive of the personal or collective unconscious, or their own higher selves).

Throughout the residency the artists will draw upon techniques, processes and technologies from a range of traditions, aimed at ‘energising’ spaces, invoking unseen intelligences, and accessing the unconscious. They will undertake a series of performative rituals, and create images and objects with a ceremonial function. Through so doing, they hope to ‘pierce the veil’ that is commonly understood to separate the physical world from the metaphysical in multiple world religions and spiritual systems, and engage with unseen ‘collaborators’ in the creation of their work.

“Whether or not someone chooses to ‘believe’ in them, experiences of ‘the paranormal’ are an intrinsic part of the human experience, and have been well-documented for thousands of years, with startling consistency across diverse cultures, geographical distance and time,” state the participating artists. “Such documentation suggests that the paranormal, like the unconscious, speaks in the language of symbols, archetypes, coincidence and synchronicity, expressed with a high level of co-creation and collaboration whereby the experiencer’s own sensibility frequently filters and shapes the occurrence. As such, the paranormal itself is a powerfully creative force, making it rich subject matter for artistic exploration.”

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