Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila & Lee
07 - 22 August 2010

Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila & Lee

6 - 22 August

A gritty contemporary tale of young love, looming tragedy and the unexpected.

Lee is a cocky teenager who seems to attract trouble, Silent Leila’s a 17 year-old Muslim girl looking for a way to fit in. She spends her Friday nights lost in the blurry universe of glossy celebrity magazines, Lee stealing booze from the supermarket.

They never meant to get mixed up in a murder, but after Billy Logan is killed, the teenagers are on the run and need a place to hide. As the winter closes in, Leila and Lee take flight to the Scottish Highlands. The caretaker Frank, full of drink and deceit, offers them shelter in a hunting lodge. Just as the pair find refuge, the first guests of the season begin to arrive.

David Greig is one of the most exciting contemporary playwrights working today. Yellow Moon – The Ballad of Leila and Lee is set to be the most inventive and vital storytelling of the season.

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