ARTIST LECTURE: Beyond Present and Presence
01 September 2016

ARTIST LECTURE: Beyond Present and Presence

A Slow Risky Rumbling Tale and a Beekeeper's Perspective | Thurs 1 Sep, 6-7:30pm

Join Radical Ecologies artists Perdita Phillips and Mike Bianco as they discuss the role culture plays in our ecological future. As we enter the ‘century of crisis’, we are becoming more aware that solutions to environmental challenges require a fundamental shift in perspective as much as technical solutions. This shift requires us to move away from human points of reference and towards that of other species, natural systems and the Earth. In light of the urgency surrounding this, Perdita Phillips will discuss the potential for a ‘mineral dialogue’, a way of listening and responding to slow geological processes. Mike Bianco will focus on the inter-species relationship between humans and honeybees, providing a brief historical overview as well as discussing his own work and some local projects which reframe this crucial relationship.

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