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Always was, always will be.

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Bruno Booth (WA), Emma Lashmar (WA), Alice Dittmar (WA)

Open Studio Night | Bruno Booth, Emma Lashmar and Alice Dittmar

Open Studio Night | Bruno Booth, Emma Lashmar and Alice Dittmar

Open Studio Night is PICA’s most popular series of artist talks that connect you personally with our current studio residents and provide invaluable insight into the artists’ processes and practices.
Bruno Booth is a visual artist from the windy wastes of Lancashire (UK) now living in Fremantle and will be using his residency at PICA to develop his project Don’t know where to look. This project will attempt to depict the mundane, farcical and extraordinary experiences that are provided to Booth as a condition of his disability.
Emma Lashmar is an Australian visual artist with a passion for immersive installation works. She will use her residency at PICA to develop a project using felt to bring to life a theatrical dreamscape depiction of an actual location etched in her memory. This immersive installation will consist of a cavernous subterranean garden of columns, formed of dark felted fleece, coiled from the ceiling down to your belly.
Alice Dittmar is a visual artist based in Berlin and Perth, with ongoing projects in Germany, Austria, China and Australia. Working primarily with drawing and the printed form, her work is linked to her current surroundings and concepts of ornamentation, landscape, texture, and their alliances in transcultural contexts.
Join us as we are taken inside the artist studios.
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