The Curtain Breathed Deeply
16 September - 30 October 2016

The Curtain Breathed Deeply

Justene Williams | 17 September – 30 October

The Curtain Breathed Deeply presents an immersive collection of video and sculptural work by artist Justene Williams. This, Williams largest and most ambitious undertaking to date sees the artist use found objects and waste materials to create dazzling theatrical environments, seducing visitors through a variety of hypnotizing sets and ‘performative’ video installations.

Williams takes inspiration from many sources including memories of her father’s wrecking yard, her childhood training in dance and her experiences constructing elaborate retail window displays as well as early twentieth-century avant-garde art and theatre and contemporary pop culture. Williams blends ritualistic references from Shamanism, Voodoo and Modernist primitivism with art historical giants – Picasso, Leger, Klein, Flavin and Kahlo – and a range of pop culture influences including hip-hop, Milli Vanilli and A Chorus Line.

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