Tomoko Yamada
Resident Artists/
22 August - 02 October 2022
Studio One

Tomoko Yamada

Common language of thread: “Flow Movement…” is a performative and experimental exploration into the conceptual value of Tomoko Yamada’s practice.

Yamada’s process focuses on linear mapping and diagramming with fluorescent-coloured threads to create installations emphasising the constantly transforming connections between art, the environment and daily life, influenced by both the past and future, with all its sights, sounds, smells, colours, shapes, textures, patterns, landscapes, air and people.

Yamada learnt the almost lost, traditional practice of fishermen’s netmaking from an elderly Japanese man who worked as a deep-sea pearl diver as a young man. This led her practice in a new direction as a dynamic activity through which she can communicate the past, present and future using the common language of thread. Thread is the key, symbolising the repetitive mapping process of life, weaving and connecting points of existence into a complex web.

From the messages she receives during her daily practice, Yamada weaves a dialogue of her inner life. Yamada’s art is a never-ending conceptual practice – for her, art is a sequence of movements, allowing Yamada to share her thoughts, feelings, memories and knowledge. She creates installations so viewers may, in their own way, become part of the structure in their contemplation of the ‘common language’ and ‘the flow movement…’.

Tomoko will have her studio door open to the public Sep 20– Oct 1, 11am–4pm.

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